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Let's face it, Wendy does not have time to be traveling around the world speaking all the time. Her kids need her at home so they can spill things for her to clean up, wake her up early in the morning, beg her for unneeded bandaids, referee their fights, and wipe their booties (UPDATE!!! All children can wipe their own booties now. #1 and #2. Thought you should know.) They also need her hugs, kisses, head scratches, fashion advice, and her dirty minivan. So if you want to have Wendy come speak at your girls' night out, MOPS, Spring tea, crafting convention (KIDDING - she's missing the crafty gene), conference or women's retreat book her now. And Wendy has not been good about updating this website, especially speaking topics and her speaking schedule. She has spoken at a lot of different types of events with a wide variety of topics so if you have a specific theme in mind, let her know! Here is a link (full-length video) to one of her recent teachings, "Rebekah." (Note: Wendy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area so a church/Mom's group outside of her area would need to pay Wendy's travel expenses in addition to her speaking fee.) 

Wendy Hagen from Voyagers Bible Church on Vimeo.

"Wendy spoke at our church's Women's Christmas Dessert. She was warm and funny and authentic. She made us laugh and at the same time was able to help everyone understand how God loves each of us personally. Wendy's presentation of the gospel was one of the best I've ever heard. It was shared with clarity and conviction. We had the best response to the Gospel we have ever had during our Christmas Dessert. Six women gave their lives to Christ and I have heard from several other hostesses that women who were there that night have since given their hearts to the Lord. Truly, the Holy Spirit worked through Wendy that evening! We would have her back anytime!" Pam Dvorak, Women's Ministry Director at Sunridge Community Church in Temecula, CA

"Wendy spoke at 2 events for Prescott Pines Camp in 2012. The first was a mother and daughter retreat with an age demographic of 12-75 years of age. The second event was a women's retreat with an age demographic of 40-80 years of age. The feedback was so positive. Comments made about Wendy were repeated multiple times "relational, challenged me Biblically, humorous, transparent." On our end of the relationship, Wendy was easy to communicate with and provided us with the information we needed ahead of the vent. We would love to have her return to Prescott Pines Camp!" Heather Trail, Prescott Pines Camp in Prescott, AZ

"Just finished tallying the evaluations last night. Wendy was by far our girls' favorite speaker for the year. Thanks Wendy, for coming to us. You cracked our ladies up and spoke God's truth so well." MOPS Coordinator at Mariner's Church in Irvine, CA 

"Wendy Hagen is a breath of fresh air! She's an exceptional women's ministry speaker with a deep passion to share her testimony and love for the Lord. She recently made an appearance (more like left a footprint) at our MOPS. She quickly capitvated our attention and has us sleep-deprived mamas giggling uncontrollably. Wendy's humor, zest for life, and infectious spirit radiate from her petite fram. We thoroughly enjoyed her visit and can't wait to invite her back! " MOPS Coordinator at Crossline Community Church in Laguna Hills, CA

"What a blessing you were to be able to touch so many women today, as I think your topic was spot on with the issues and challenges that face us mothers right here and now. Your candid approach makes us all feel not so alone in the struggles we face with making time for ourselves, our bodies, our marriages, and our children. Thanks again for your dynamic talk this morning. It was certainly the highlight of my last three years here at MOPS." MOPS Coordinator at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church

"I've been doing this here for six years and you were the best speaker we've ever had." Mentor Mom, Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village, CA

Wendy's Speaking Topics

Single Topics:

  • The Greatest Love Story 

    There are a lot of sweet love stories out there, but when you get behind the scenes they are far from perfect. The good news is that there is a great love story out there. There is a God who loves us specifically. Not just as a face in the crowd, not simply as one of his bazillion children . . . he cares about what is going on in the very details of our lives. From Wendy's unique experiences to Hollywood to the trenches of motherhood and through the depths of great loss, Wendy will share this great love story of the God who sees us and walks with us in the highs and lows of life. **Great talk for Christmas event, Spring Tea, or any kind of an outreach event.

    Cultivating Peace in a Troubled World

    It's easy to be at peace when there is no war - you know when everything is going perfectly in our lives and relationships? Which happens . . . zero point zero percent of the time. So how do we find peace when we can't pay the bills, when our spouse is annoying us, when our boss is a jerk, when we are on overload with life? Using Scripture, personal testimony, and humorous stories, Wendy will share keys to peace in this trouble-filled, anxiety-ridden world. **This can be a single talk or expanded for a weekend retreat. 

  • Marriage Matters 

    Falling in love can be easy, but actively loving your spouse on a daily basis is often difficult. Because sometimes they say you have fat arms when you're pregnant, give you a vacuum cleaner for your anniversary for your 5-year anniversary, and chew hot tamales in your ear when you are in the midst of your intense, epidural free labor. And yet, having a healthy marriage matters -- to God, to your children, and to your emotional well-being. Wendy will share stories from her own 18 year+ marriage including the two-year period when she did not like her husband, and things she has learned to help keep the marriage together, growing, and thriving. Marriage counseling. And other stuff :)  She will also draw from the Bible to challenge you in the way you love your spouse.

  • Peace, Love, and Elf on the Shelf

    Picture perfect Christmas cards. Small, traumatized children forced to sit on a strange man's lap. Fierce competition and gift stealing at Christmas parties. The Elf on the Shelf . . . who sometimes forgets to move. Over spending, over sugaring, and over eating. Wait a minute . . . whose birthday is this? Join Wendy as she makes fun of Christmas traditions (and herself) and challenges us to remember what Jesus really wants for his birthday. Bonus material includes Wendy sharing the worst photos of her family from the year . . . which she emails out in lieu of Christmas cards. **Great talk for a Christmas event and can be adapted for a non-Christmas outreach.

  • Trusting God with the Hard Stuff 

    Sometimes it is much easier to freak out rather than to obey and trust our Creator. Do we trust God or do we go with popular culture? Do we obey His Word or go with what our gut is telling us? Do we let our fears dictate our decisions or do we respond to what God has called us to? Wendy will challenge you to boldly trust God with the hard stuff. Speaking from personal experience and promises from Scripture, Wendy will encourage you as she shares the overwhelming blessings that come when we boldly step out in faith.

  • Simplicity and Contentment: Living the Un-American Dream 

    Cell phones. Foreclosures. Credit Cards. Twitter. Email. Unemployment. Fancy cars. Ipads, Itouches, Ipods, Ichats . . . Ieverything. And then those darn neighbors -- the Joneses. How can we hear God amidst the noise? How can we practice Simplicity and find contentment in our chaotic culture? Get ready to be challenged and encouraged as Wendy talks about the spiritual discipline of Simplicity and trusting God with your finances. This is an area that Wendy is personally always challenged in and she would like some company as she desires to live simply and give generously as she seeks God's Kingdom first. (Matthew 6: 25-33)

  • How Can I Be Still When my To-Do List is So Long?

    Overwhelmed. Stressed. Busy. Cluttered. Distracted. Struggling to find delight in anything because we are buried in everything. How can we still before God and     (re)discover the delight in knowing Christ without joining an Amish community? Using humor, biblical truths, ugly selfies, and personal testimony, Wendy will give you some practical tips and encouragement as you surrender your schedule and clear the way to know He is God. Psalm 46:10

  • Taking Care of Mom 

    Wendy loves being a stay-at-home mom. But sometimes she has MBDs (mental breakdown days) and wants to quit or at least take a leave of absence.  Wendy has found that in order to reduce the frequency of MBDs she has got to take care of herself emotionally, physically and spiritually. And a healthy marriage matters too! Recharge with Wendy as she shares some practical tips for the exhausted mama.

  • Good Grief 

    Grief is kind of like riding a roller coaster. A roller coaster with no seat belt, blind folded, in an amusement park with no decent snacks and shady employees. A lot of ups, downs and upset stomachs. Miscarriage. Stillborn. Infertility. Loss of a child. Divorce. Death of a parent. Many of us have been there.  Wendy will talk about her experience with grief and how walking through it with the great Comforter can bring about "good grief." She will also share practical ways to support someone who is in the midst of grief. And don't worry, you won't be tear boxing during the whole talk. Wendy will resuce you from the ugly cry and will weave humor throughtout, even as she shares her story of personal tragedy and loss.

  • You Were Made for This 

  • Ever feel like you weren't cut out for this gig? Well, you're wrong. You were made for the motherhood. And Wendy's got biblical and modern-day proof. Motherhood is a great calling and lofty ministry, and it's HARD. But that doesn't mean it isn't awesome and you should skip town or something. Well, maybe a weekend getaway though...doesn't that sound dreamy? Stop dreaming, YOU CAN DO THIS! God has made you to be in relationship with Him and to created you to draw strength from Him as you travel (and stumble) on your motherhood journey. Yeah, get ready to laugh, but also prepare to soak in some much-needed mama encouragement from this talk.

  • I Didn't Read That in any Parenting Books

    From pregnancy puking to natural childbirths to the terrible threes, Wendy addresses some of the unspoken challenges of motherhood. You probably won't walk away with a lot of tips or receive an infusion of wisdom from this message, but you will certainly feel a little bit more normal. This is the kind of talk that will keep you laughing weeks later as you traverse through the unspoken "gems" of the motherhood.

  • Lies Moms Believe

    We love our kids more than air and give them so much of ourselves. And yet, we often think we are the worst. Not doing enough. Ruining our kids. Probably should save for their future therapy rather than for a college education. We need to enjoy every moment with our precious ones or there is something wrong with us. If you struggle with these motherhood lies, you are offically (verified by a Totally Desperate Mom Facebook poll) not alone. In this talk, Wendy shares some of the lies moms believe and the truth that sets them free! If you are a mom or if you have one, there is something in his message for you. Also, you might walk away with some tattoos, so there's that.
  • The Perfect Trap

    It's okay to do things well. To do our best. To give it our all. So long as our motives are right. Are you working for the Lord or the approval of men? Are you missing the joy of the moment because you are chasing the illusion of perfection? Wendy covers three areas of perfectionism that many women struggle with and then offers Biblical and practical ways (including showing a bunch of ugly photos of herself and her family) to learn to let go of perfection and embrace the process of growth. In any stage of life or season of faith.

    Wendy also does weekend retreats and conferences. Contact her for more information regarding themes and topics.

    Wendy's Speaking Schedule for 2016

    *January 8: Mothers Together at CPC in Danville, CA

    *January 21: Focused Living at CPC in Danville, CA 

    *February 4: Focused Living at CPC in Danville, CA 

    *February 5: Women's Night Out at Mariner's Church in Irvine, CA

    *February 23: MOPS at Valley Bible in Pleasanton, CA

    *May 7 and 8: Weekend Services at Crossroads Church in Fremont, CA

    *September 15: MOPS at CrossPoint Community Church in Modesto, CA

    *November 10: Women's Bible Study at CPC in Danville, CA

    *December 2 and 3: Red Mountain Community Church in Mesa, AZ

    *December 6: Seaside Community Church in Hungtington Beach, CA

    *December 13: Mothers Together Menlo Church in Menlo Park, CA

    Wendy's Speaking Schedule for 2015

    *January 6: MOPS at Rolling Hills Church in Danville, CA

    *Februrary 25: Mothers Together at CPC in Danville, CA 

    *March 14: Creekside MOPS in Rocklin, CA 

    *April 23: MOPS at CPC in Foster City, CA

    *May 7: MOPS at Bay Farm Church in Alameda, CA

    *May 14: MOPS at Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore, CA

    *September 25: Women's Conference at New Hope International in Concord, CA

    *October 6: MOPS at Rolling Hills Church in Danville, CA

    *December 3: MOPS at Voyagers Bible Church in Irvine, CA

    *December 5: Jingle & Mingle at Voyagers Bible Church in Irvine, CA

    *December 7: MOPS for 3 groups in Fremont, CA

    Wendy's Speaking Schedule for 2014

    *January 15: Mothers Together CPC in Danville, CA

    *January 30: Trinity MOPS in Santa Ana, CA 

    *March 14: Creekside MOPS in Rocklin, CA 

    *March 27: MOPS at Journey in Manhattan Beach, CA

    *April 24: MOPS at CPC Church in Foster City, CA

    *May 10-11: (Mother's Day services): Crossroads Church in Fremont, CA

    *August 23: Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood, CA

    *September 19-20: Heart and Soul Women's Conference in Paso Robles, CA

    *September 27: Design 4 Living Conference in Pleasanton, CA

    *November 15: Paradise Alliance Church in Paradise,  CA - SOLD OUT

    *December 1: Women's Christmas Dinner, Blue Oaks Church, Pleasnton,  CA - SOLD OUT

    *December 11: Women's Christmas Event, Cornerstone Church in Wildomar, CA 


  • More Testimonials about Wendy Hagen

    You were an incredible blessing to us, Wendy.  Everything I heard was so very positive.  You have a powerful testimony to give and it really encouraged and inspired the women.  One comment that was repeated over and over was how helpful it was hear how to support one who is grieving.  One of our moms wrote, "She is wise and has great Bible knowledge.  She could speak on anything!  I'd love to hear her talk on another topic next year!" You did an amazing job, Wendy, with a very difficult subject.  I loved how you went through the highs and lows of grief and personalized them from your own experience.  And the myths you shared were so helpful.  One gal said that after hearing you she felt "inspired" to help a good friend now!  You were so organized!  Not only did you tell us how we could support, you also gave a "don't" list.  It's obvious you have a gift for speaking, and for speaking God's truth into lives, and I'm very grateful you shared it with us. There's no question I'll be getting in touch with you in June to ask you for next Fall!  Mothers Together, Community Presbyterian Church, Danville, CA

    Wendy, you were amazing. All our girls were ecstatic after your session. The way you share your life makes it easier to relate to the changes that need to take place in our lives. Your passion for pleasing God is catchy. Thank you for being who God made you and helping us to do the same.

    Donna Patterson, The Fathers House, Vacaville, CA

    Wendy is a dynamic speaker. I have heard her speak to our MOPS group as well as at Women's Bible Studies and each time she captivates the audience with her humorous way of sharing God's grace and truth. Wendy makes it so easy to relate to her because she shares from her 'real life' experiences. I would have her speak to our MOPS moms every week if I could because I think she brings a fresh and real perspective to being a Christian mother and wife. Thank you Wendy for keeping me so engaged that I wasn't even tempted to text while you talked. :)

    Sheree Byington, MOPS Director, Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore, CA

    Thanks for your break-out session on "Taking Care of Mom." As you said everything we do, we model for our kids. I felt such a burden, but it gradually lifted as you recommended exercise and sleep, time with hubby, and spiritual time. I think I can do more of those things and gain some sanity. You were funny and transparent and I loved it! I really needed it. I came to the Design 4 Living Conference feeling empty and left feeling full. My husband and kids appreciate that! Carrie, mom who attended the Design 4 Living Conference

    You were a blessing and a highlight  of our semester! Thanks for being REAL, honet, and open. Carli, MOPS Coordinator, Grace Baptist Church, Santa Clarita, CA

    What Mothers Togethers Moms said about Wendy: "Best speaker of the year!" "Come back! I really enjoyed how funny she was." "Wendy is wonderful. Thank you for all the verses. I'm looking forward to looking them up!"  Mothers Together Moms from Community Presbyterian Church, Danville, CA

    Wendy, thanks for your humility, and your humor! I LOVE listening to you about motherhood. Your godly wisdom encourages me more than any other speaker. Thanks for following God's calling to share your journey in motherhood with all of us. You continually remind me that God is always with me as a TDM . . . leading me, loving me, and giving me lost of grace. I am proud to be a TDM :) Thanks for your continual encouragement through you book, your blog and your messages!  Board Member, Mothers Together at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville, CA

    Our group continued to use quotes from your talk and book the entire year. Everyone loved what you had to say. I am so thankful God is using you to speak to other moms about real stuff happenings. We are all experiencing the same general stuff and most think they are all alone and can't talk about it. You were so transparent that it really allows more women to feel more comfortable with themselves. Wren Horn, MOPS Coordinator, First Christian Church, Santa Maria, CA


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