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What People Are Saying About the Book . . .

"With the honesty of a close girlfriend and the bravery of a Navy Seal, Hagen boldly shares what real motherhood is like--hemorrhoids and all." 
--Kelley Foulk, non-mother (for now) and unlikely pastor's wife

"In many ways motherhood is unchartered territory. Every child is different, every day is different, and every mother gets stretched to her limits. With humor and honesty, Wendy takes the reader to common places of life in the motherhood and creates a place that a mom can connect and laugh, while finding practical help and hope."
--Debbie Alsdorf, author of Deeper, Beyond the Brady Bunch, and A Different Kind of Wild!

"I truly enjoyed every page and sent my daughter, who has three boys under the age of five, her copy today!"

"Read the first chapter last night and laughed out loud several times already. You definitely have a gift for relating the reality of motherhood in a very amusing way. Congrats again . . . and I will be telling all my girlfriends to buy a copy."

"Just finished reading your book last night. Can I say? Best. Motherhood. Book. Ever. I've read countless "prepare you for being a mom" books and books about mothering little ones, but yours is the most up-front and real, yet compassionate and understanding, I've ever read. In fact, not only will I give it a five-star review on the blog, I plan to recommend (and buy it for) every one of my friends who are about to be new moms."
--Meg of Muse Reviews

"I picked up your book and just LOVING it! I started last night and I've had feelings of validation and laughter. I can't thank you enough for this book. Finally, you've put into words the motherhood experience that no one writes about. I feel uplifted, like now I can love my kids anyway because it's tough for all of us, and I feel like I have at least one comrade out there. Thanks Wendy! I'm starting the 4/5 year old chapter and can't wait to get on BART to read more. Seriously . . . you've brought tears to my eyes because you understand. And isn't that what we all want."
--an email from a mom

"In Totally Desperate Mom Wendy shares candidly about the victories, the defeats, the surprises, the embarassment, the pain . . . the deep joy. A soon-to-be-mom? This will get you the closest you've been to the highs and lows of motherhood. A seasoned mom-pro? Then you will slip and slide from howling in laughter to tears as you remember. Because we ALL remember. I read few books on parenting/motherhood/anything. Time is so limited, but I have been enriched and impacted by Wendy's authenticity. Her warmth. Her use of scripture and life-application. And humor."
-- Jenny of Jenny on the Spot

"I finished the book the other night and it has seriously got to be one of the best books I've ever read! The hilarious, real-life stories are ones you want to share with your friends and her honestly about being stretched to your limits makes you feel like you are not alone in "The Motherhood."
-- Heather of Angel Face Designs



Starting from the delusion-filled journey into motherhood and progressing through the various stages that take place in the preschool years, Totally Desperate Mom is a no-holds-barred, comical look at motherhood from a mom in the trenches. Wendy offers biblical encouragement and practical tips for taking care of mom emotionally, physically, spiritually and in the marriage.

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