Wendy Hagen's (formerly Wendy Cox) Hollywood Days

Wendy's Mom said she came out of the womb (in 1975) giving orders. This bossiness turned into assertiveness when Wendy picked up the yellow pages when she was nine years old and found a talent agent. She left a message, "Yeah. Hi. My name is Wendy. And I'm nine. And I would like to be on television so could you please call me back?" Wendy's unsuspecting mother was surprised when she received a return phone call from the agent who immediately wanted to meet the precocious nine year old. There began Wendy's acting career. After several national commercials and numerous print jobs, Wendy landed a starring role in the syndicated series, "The New Lassie." From there she went on to guest star on "The Wonder Years" and "Growing Pains" and flipped around on "Circus of the Stars."

After a wonderful experience in Hollywood, which included involvement in Media Fellowship International and various charities, Wendy decided to return home to the Bay Area to finish out her senior year of high school. If you are interested in hearing about her experiences in Hollywood, check out her blog on Wednesdays.

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